Fetner Award

In recognition of the unique challenges of our international members and networks such as dealing with distance from other networks and members, we endow the Fetner Award for Outstanding International Member or Network. This award, founded in honor of IWIRC founding Vice Chair, Martha Fetner, is given to an international (non-US) member or network who or which has made an exceptional contribution, either through efforts over the past year, or over a period of years. Our international members and networks work tirelessly and diligently to grow IWIRC beyond borders and this award embodies those who have given generously of their time to strengthen and expand IWIRC.

Past recipients Include:

2017 Karen Fellowes
2016 Michelle Pickett
2015 Justine Lau
2014 Caroline Moran
2013 Barbara Rumora-Scheltema
2012 Elizabeth A. Wilson
2011 Deborah S. Grieve
2010 Maria Semenko
2009 Jacqueline Walsh
Aruni Weerasekera
2008 Dr. Annerose Tashiro
2007 Katerina Papamichael
Katharine S. Stones
2006 N. Lynn Hiestand
2005 N/A
2004 Sheryl E. Seigel


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Fetner Award Nomination

2017 Fetner Award Recipient

Karen Fellowes currently serves as the Canada Networks Director on the IWIRC Board and is the Past Chair of the Western Canada Network. "She has been at the heart of [the Western Canada Network] since its inception in 2011, serving as a unifying force for a network spread across 1.1 million square miles. Throughout her tenure on the Western Canada Network Board, and particularly during her terms as Chair and Past Chair, Karen has exemplified IWIRC's commitment to the connection, promotion and success of women in the insolvency and restructuring professions," stated her nominator. In addition, Karen has fostered strong ties with other networks, particularly the Ontario Network, capitalizing on IWIRC's broad reach to connect women in the insolvency field across the country and around the world. Karen's efforts to connect women worldwide go far beyond her involvement in IWIRC though; this month she is traveling to Nepal to teach women law students as part of DLA's New Perimeter pro bono program. In addition to her many contributions to IWIRC, Karen is a very involved mom to two boys.

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