Melnik Award

The Melnik Award, named for IWIRC founding Chair Selinda Melnik, is awarded to a member who has made an exceptional contribution to IWIRC, either through efforts over the past year, or for the culmination of her over a period of years. As a volunteer-based, non-profit organization, the work of our volunteers is what fuels our growth and expansion. Those members who have gone above and beyond while maintaining their busy professional and personal lives are who embody this award. Named in honor of our founding Chair, Selinda Melnik, the recipients of this award have made significant and long-lasting contributions to IWIRC.

Past recipients Include:

2018 Bernadette Barron
2017 Beth E. Hansen
2016 Evelyn Meltzer
2015 Jennifer Meyerowitz
2014 Carren Shulman
2013 Judith Elkin
2012 Jennifer McLain McLemore
2011 Tinamarie Feil
2010 Debra E. Kuptz
2009 Leslie A. Berkoff
2008 Francine Gordon
2007 Susan L. Rhiel
2006 Patricia A. Redmond
2005 Janet E. Bostwick
2004 Carmen Lonstein
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Melnik Award Nomination

2018 Melnik Award

Bernadette Barron is a dedicated member who has worked to grow the organization, mentored members, taken leadership positions, planned significant events, and fostered the mission of IWIRC. Bernadette has served IWIRC in numerous capacities. Her nominator said Bernadette "is a true role model and IWIRC and its members are all the better for having [her] in our ranks." She is a strong advocate, tireless volunteer, and a leader.

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