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IWIRC offers a great opportunity to expand your network of professional colleagues and to make new acquaintances across the continents. We encourage you to participate in a Committee and enhance your experience, as well as provide needed help to IWIRC. The following Committees are gearing up for the coming year, so please check the Committee you are interested in and return to IWIRC:

Communications and Newsletter Committee

Responsible for regular communications with IWIRC members including the development and publication of IWIRC newsletters. Learn More

Membership Services Committee

Responsible for services and initiatives to benefit existing members. Learn More

Network Committee

Responsible for creating and mentoring new and existing networks. Note: If you are interested in forming a local network in your area, please contact the Network Director, Summer Chandler,, or Shari Bedker, Administrative Director, Learn More

Program Committee

Responsible for organizing the annual spring and fall programs, including selecting speakers, developing communication materials and planning menus. Includes a monthly conference call and sub-committee work. An excellent way to get to know other committee members! Learn More

Finance Committee

Responsible for soliciting and coordinating sponsorship support for IWIRC programs. Learn More

Mentoring Committee

Responsible for establishing guidelines and activities for the IWIRC Mentorship Program. Learn More

Regional Committee

Responsible for encouraging the planning of regional events.  Learn More

UNCITRAL Committee

Members participate in yearly UNCITRAL delegations and contribute  to any annual reports that are requested regarding international insolvency law.

Learn More

Where Needed

Learn More

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