Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, led by IWIRC's Finance Director, is charged with creation of an annual budget for the organization and regular management of the finances of IWIRC in conjunction with IWIRC’s Executive Director. In addition, the Finance Committee is responsible for setting the program for IWIRC sponsors, sponsor development, and communications with IWIRC’s annual sponsors. Finally, the Finance Committee supports local networks and their sponsorship efforts and works in conjunction with other committees like the Program Committee to assist with sponsor planning for its events such as the IWIRC Leadership Summit.

Committee Leadership

Personal Photo
Finance Director
Christmas Tree Shops and That!
New England Network
Personal Photo
Vice Finance Director
Stikeman Elliott
Western Canada Network
Personal Photo
Vice Director of Budget & Analytics
Chicago Network
Personal Photo
Force Ten Partners, LLC & Bax Advisors
Dallas/Fort Worth Network
Personal Photo
Lowenstein Sandler LLP
New Jersey Network
Personal Photo
Managing Director
Ernst & Young LLP
New York Network

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