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“There are two ways of exerting one's strengths; one is pushing down and the other is pulling up.” - Booker T. Washington

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Realize Your Potential Mentoring Program Resources

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IWIRC Wants to Pull You Up!

IWIRC wants to matter to its membership in meaningful ways. We want to be an indispensible part of your career, with opportunities for relationship-building that result in business referrals, new opportunities, mentor relationships, and new friends. The re-vamp of our mentoring services is designed to address how mentoring has evolved. “Mentoring” used to mean a one-on-one relationship, where one person takes the teacher/senior role and the other takes the student/junior role. Now it means anyone who can share anything with you to help you get where you want to go.

In the new “Mentoring Corner” on our website, information, resources, and contacts will be provided to coach you on how to brand yourself, to reach the career level to which you aspire, to make changes and to tackle challenges. We will feature members and others from the business community. You will be able to reach out confidentially to a “hotline”panel for advice. We will have a designated mentoring aspect to our national meetings. And we will collectively become more aware of the guidance and support we can all provide to each other, regardless of particular area of expertise or level of seniority. And we will succeed together!

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