Friday, July 6, 2018
Network Announcement
Cryptocurrencies and ICOs : Hype or Birth of a New Asset Class?


On 27 June 2018, the IWIRC Malaysia Network organised a talk on cryptocurrencies, titled “Cryptocurrencies and ICOs : Hype or Birth of a New Asset Class?”. The event was hosted at the Asian International Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


Our speaker for this event was Mr. Shankar Kanabiran, from Ernst & Young.  Mr. Shankar is a Partner and Financial Services Advisory Leader specialising in large scale banking. Present with Mr. Shankar, was Mr. Gopal Kiran a FinTech Advisory Manager, also from Ernst & Young.  Together, they delivered a very interesting presentation on this unique subject of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. We looked at the history of its development, the operating environment as well as broader perspectives in terms of regulatory outlook, policy, its application in the business environment in various jurisdictions (to facilitate transactions or to monitor financial activity) and regulatory implementation.


Questions touched on many points of curiosity, ranging from elementary concepts to traditional viewpoints, with our presenters transitioning comfortably from one question to another unfazed by the curiosity of the attendees.


By the end of our session, we had a better understanding of what the hype was about and it was still a fascinating subject.  


We take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation to both speakers for taking the time to share their knowledge and insight with us.

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