Eat, Learn, Grow with IWIRC WI

Start date
Monday, December 16, 2019
End date
Monday, December 16, 2019
Start time
12:00 PM
End time
01:00 PM

IWIRC Wisconsin is excited to invite you to our first Eat Learn Grow brown bag lunch and chat!  If you are in Milwaukee, or happen to be that day, feel free to meet at Quarles & Brady, LLP to join other IWIRC women in person.  Don’t forget to bring your lunch! 

If you are outside of Milwaukee, once you register for the Event Brite, we will send you both video and telephone conference call information. 

Other IWIRC network members are closer geographically.  Here in Wisconsin, we are lucky to have women throughout the state.  As a complement to our state-wide and regional events, we hope to hold Eat, Learn, Grow brown bag lunches each month as a chance to get together informally with women throughout Wisconsin.

For our first Eat, Learn, Grow event on February 18th we are going to start with discussing the article attached below, and see where the discussion takes us.  Of course, like most book clubs, don’t let the fact that you didn’t read the article keep you from joining the fun!

Whether you are in Milwaukee or elsewhere, please register for Eat, Learn, Grow using this Eventbrite event. 

First article:  Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality?

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