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Through the growth of restructuring in Europe and the increase of cross- border insolvencies in past decade, there has been much interest and enthusiasms for IWIRC Europe, which was launched in London in 2006. Since then it has been very active with many successful events throughout Europe, from seminars and lectures to current topics to social and fun events (Christmas markets, Taste of London festival, Picasso exhibition, Oktoberfest etc.).

IWIRC Europe also offers and organizes educational programs and seminars on issues of European insolvency law. With these educational programs and seminars the members are kept up with news of the European insolvency world.

IWIRC Europe regularly joins insolvency conferences within Europe and organizes receptions and other activities along these conferences – sometimes even in cooperation with other organizations. There exists already a good and warm cooperation with the women of R3, INSOL Europe, III and others.

Within Europe with its numerous and different jurisdictions in addition to the European legislation it is always beneficial to know insolvency professionals of foreign jurisdictions as well as of the domestic jurisdiction to discuss and work on cross border insolvencies on an extensive base. IWIRC Europe brings professional women together from all over Europe and overcomes the interior jurisdictional frontiers. For keeping in touch, establishing relationships on work as well as personal basis and for sharing experiences, IWIRC Europe holds meetings at regular intervals.

Our members come from throughout Europe, including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands and Denmark.

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