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The IWIRC-Georgia Network was founded in 2001 as an organization to foster and promote networking among women in the restructuring industry in Georgia.  Over time, our membership has grown to over 70 members across the state.  Our members include dynamic women from diverse professional backgrounds, including judges, lawyers, bankers, turnaround professionals, financial advisors and other restructuring practitioners at all levels of practice.

The Georgia Network is devoted to enhancing the status of professional women in the insolvency world.  Our goal is to provide a regular forum for meeting, networking, exchanging ideas, and camaraderie.  The Georgia Network hosts a variety of different events each year including cocktail networking receptions, educational seminars, community outreach programs, and other exciting events.  Some of our recent programs include:

  • A joint panel with the Atlanta Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association on the changing landscape of chapter 11 and the legal, financial, and practical issues facing insolvency and restructuring professionals;
  • A corporate image and business etiquette training workshop entitled “Take Networking to the Next Level: Working the Room and Winning Business”;
  • A book club discussion of Lean In;
  • A panel on mentorship and its connection to work-life balance, business development, career transitions and other challenges;
  • An interactive work-out class addressing common reasons for not exercising and explaining how to “fit it in”;
  • An evening painting pottery with mentor/mentee pairs; and
  • Happy hour events at popular Atlanta restaurants.

The Georgia Network also offers a formal mentoring program, designed to meet an individual’s professional development objectives.  We are also committed to community service and have partnered with several community programs for events, including an interactive good credit badge activity for the Girl Scouts of Georgia, a financial literacy panel with Dress for Success, and an annual holiday drive to help those less fortunate.

The Georgia Network has been recognized as a role model for IWIRC networks and is the proud recipient of the Ryan Award for Outstanding IWIRC Network in both 2006 and 2012.  Georgia Network members have also been recognized for their contributions to IWIRC and the restructuring community, both locally and nationally, including:

  • Jennifer Meyerowitz         2015 Melnik Award for Exceptional IWIRC Member
  • Sage Sigler                      2012 Rising Star Semifinalist
  • Alison Elko Franklin         2011 Rising Star Semifinalist
  • Hon. Mary Grace Diehl     2008 Woman of the Year in Restructuring Award

We welcome all who are interested in attending our events.  Members of IWIRC enjoy a host of benefits, including the opportunity to meet insolvency professionals at every level and in every discipline in a welcoming and positive atmosphere.  We hope you will consider joining us!

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