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The Hong Kong Network was established on 27 May 2005 in response to the need for a forum for insolvency professionals to share and discuss their similar goals, interests and concerns related to:

The status of women in the insolvency-related professions;

The effective participation of women in the business of insolvency and in insolvency-related organizations;

The development of insolvency policy, particularly the need to harmonize disparate insolvency laws internationally; and

The impact of insolvency and insolvency laws on women and families.

The Hong Kong Network now has over 200 members including professionals from the legal, banking, accounting and advisory industries. It is also supported by over 500 “Friends of IWIRC – Hong Kong Network”; those members of the insolvency profession who support IWIRC's objectives.

The Hong Kong Network provides a platform for members and friends to meet and network with liked-minded practitioners and also to grow professionally. Past events include cocktails receptions, movie nights, junk trips around Hong Kong harbour, IWIRC-Out fitness sessions, educational seminars and community initiatives.

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Member Testimonials

"IWIRC is one of the few platforms that allow professionals to network, catch up, exchange thoughts, give and receive advice on personal, career-related or job-connected issues, have fun together and above all that-- build relationships without being under the pressure to pitch or impression to "be pitched" constantly. This is a place beyond a permanent vanity fair."

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